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A Junkin’ Tale

Published on March 22, 2013, by in Furniture, humor.

In my previous post (“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”) I wrote how Gerry’s family has become the master of yard sales. At family reunions someone will announce that they are going Junkin’ and who wants to come along? Near the little town where they grew up in western New York, you can find barns with old stuff for sale, thrift stores and yard sales galore. They like to dig through boxes they proudly call “The Altman Bin” because that’s where they’ll find the bargain stuff. It’s a badge of honor for them to find a good deal and brag about it. Something they can later tell others “I got it for two bucks!”

One of the last Junkin’ excursions with them before my mother-in-law died was one I will remember the most. Gerry was driving the car, with his mother in front with him, and his two sisters in the back seat with me. We were heading down 15th Street on our way to the highway, when the two sisters shouted out in unison “Stop the car! There’s a yard sale!” We stopped in front of a white house with chairs, tables, and a sofa on the lawn. My in-laws scanned the yard and then spotted the boxes on the porch. That’s it! That’s the good stuff. The five of us pulled clothes and other items out of the boxes, oohing and aahing our finds. After about 10 minutes a man appeared at the door. “How much is this?” my 80 year-old mother-in-law asked, as she held up a cashmere sweater. The man eyed each one of us slowly. “This isn’t a yard sale” he said. “I’m just moving in.”



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  1. Gerry is even more brilliant than I originally thought! Any man who treasures a good deal as much as he does is alright in my book!

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