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Bringing an old gem back to life!

We love a challenge. We especially love working on a piece of furniture that someone else thought was impossible to fix. This is what happened when a customer brought us pieces of a family heirloom table base, broken and in a box. Someone told her to throw it away, it wasn’t worth fixing. But to her it was, and to us also.

This table base was broken during a move. The finish was old and worn, and all four legs had been chewed by an innocent puppy. The customer was heartbroken because it was the only piece of furniture from her family. “Can you fix it?” she asked. “Certainly” we replied.



The first thing we did was glue the table base back together.


We then patched the dog bites with high performance wood filler.


Next, we carved the patches to match the profile of the leg.


Then we restored the finish by cleaning it with mineral spirits and 320 sand paper, then added color and finish by wiping on a custom made glaze.



 Final touch was painting wood grain on the patches and a final seal coat with an oil finish.







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  1. Jenn

    You guys did an amazing job on this table! I have been learning some wood repair techniques and I’m gaining some real skills but I’m no where as good as you guys are. Whoever did this repair has a true talent :)

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