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Doggone it! Fido ate my table!

Published on November 2, 2012, by in Furniture Repair.

I was taking a walk the other morning when a cute little puppy started nibbling at my toes. I didn’t mind; in fact it kind of tickled and made me smile. I don’t really know much about dogs and don’t know one breed from another, but I do like them just the same. It got me thinking that if little Fido is going to chew on my toes, he’s probably also chewing on his owner’s furniture. And dog-chewed furniture is something I do know about. In fact, at The Furniture Doctors LLC, we specialize in repairing pet damaged furniture.

Here are before and after pictures of a table leg that was chewed on by Coco, a chocolate lab puppy. I’m sure glad she didn’t try to nibble my toes!

Call us at 480-219-4158 for a diagnosis of your furniture damage. And then tell Fido ‘thank you’ for sending business our way!

5 Responses

  1. The work the Furniture Doctors does is truly amazing! Who doesn’t have a piece of furniture your dog or child has ruined? If you are one of these folks trust the Furniture doctors to make it all better!

  2. Connie

    That is good to know a dog chew repair can be made. I wish I knew this a few years ago when I dog sat and the dog chewed up a drawer on an antique wash stand I had. I ended up getting rid of the piece of furniture. Now I wish I had kept it. Thanks for the information. I will no longer assume something is worthless without checking it out first. By the way, the dog also chewed up the heels on half my shoes. I’ve long forgotten the shoes, but still still miss my little wash stand.

  3. thef9050

    That’s funny what you said that about your shoes Connie, because I once had a dog who only chewed up new leather, so I had to hide new shoes from her!

  4. thef9050

    Thanks for the nice comments Nicole! Yes, kids can ruin your furniture also – especially teenagers. I’ll write a post about what your teenagers should and shouldn’t do when sitting in a chair!

  5. I’m glad that my dogs don’t do this to my furnitures! :) It’s good that there’s a solution for this problem atlest you don’t just junk this table.

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