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Published on November 5, 2012, by in Education.

Tip of the day: Use an oil polish (like lemon oil or orange oil) to polish and dust your furniture.

Avoid waxes, aerosol sprays and cleaners because over time, they can present problems. Waxes and aerosol sprays can cause build-up on your finish and it will eventually need to be removed. Most cleaners contain solvents which will erode the finish.

Remember, you want to polish the finish, not the wood.

Note: Some furniture purists recommend wiping your furniture with mineral spirits (basically paint thinner) and letting it dry overnight, then applying a thin layer of paste wax or BriWax. The reason we do not recommend this process is because most people overuse the wax and it can cause more harm than good.

2 Responses

  1. Doris

    This advise was given to us when they were located in Portland, Oregon and it has been a lifesaver to our furniture.

  2. thef9050

    Thanks Doris. Happy to hear your furniture has been saved by following our advice.

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