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Here are some before and after photos of repairs and restorations we have done for our customers:

This table leg was chewed by a cute little puppy. Grrrr……

We patched the bites and voids, then carved the patch to match the profile of the leg. We colored the patch with a custom mixed glaze, then added finish to seal and protect it.


This table top was smashed during a move. Oops…..

We patched the voids, then carved it to match the profile of the table edge. We then added a custom mixed glaze to match the color of the table, and finished with a sealer coat to seal and protect it.


This lovely Drexel Heritage chest has a solid marble top, but it was simply the wrong color. Ugh…..

We stripped off the old finish and stained it with a custom mixed stain, highlighting the recesses to “age” the piece. We then added a hand rubbed oil finish for protection.


The bottom of this dresser was chewed on by a family pet. Woofs…….

We patched the scratches and the voids, then added a custom mixed glaze to match the existing color of the dresser. We then added an oil finish to seal and protect it.


  This old rocking chair had been sitting in a barn for years and the seat was in dire need of repair. Ouch….

The customer wanted a usable seat for his grandma’s old rocker. We were going to patch and color the missing wood, but then noticed that it was wood veneer on top of a beautiful wood frame. We removed the veneer and refinished the wood underneath, then added an upholstered seat on top.




The finish on this desk and chair were badly scarred, didn’t match, and the chair needed new upholstery. Plus, the customer wanted them to match an existing bedroom suite. Yes, a challenge!

We stripped the finish off both pieces and mixed a custom mixed glaze so both pieces would ‘blend’ with the customer’s bedroom set. The final touch was adding padding to the chair seat and covering it with the customer’s choice of fabric.

Go to The Doc’s Blog post titled “Kids Say the Nicest Things!” to read more about this desk and chair:


The customer loved this little chest, but wanted a ‘fun and colorful’ look for her daughter’s room. Awesome!

Instead of stripping off the old finish, we cleaned it with mineral spirits and sanded with 320 sandpaper. We then mixed a custom mixed glaze and rubbed it on so that the color would get into the grooves, but leave the original color of the piece visible under the glaze. We then finished the piece by sealing it with an oil finish and added glass knobs.


We turned a stained glass window into a coffee table. Time for tea?

The customer’s father-in-law made this lovely stained glass window. It was in a lighted frame on a wall. They wanted to enjoy it more, so they asked us to turn it into a coffee table. They wanted the color and the style to ‘blend’ with the other pieces in their home. We used the existing frame and added an extra box to support the glass. We then attached 4 Queen Anne legs and stained the frame and the legs to match the color of their other furniture.


Before photos of the footboard

Time to make the bed. Oops, where’s the footboard?

                    This circa 1900 solid oak footboard was in pieces, there were no legs and the slat rail and slats were missing. We made new legs out of new wood and finished them to match the old wood. We made new slats and a slat rail. The customer was then ready for a good night’s sleep!

Footboard after it was re-built



Hotel Monaco lobby furniture. Still beautiful after all these years…

In August, 2013 we stopped in at the Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon to check out the lobby furniture we refinished about 10 – 15 years ago. It still looks as beautiful as the day we unloaded it from the truck. Proof that our finish is easy to care for and long lasting!



Great grandma’s rocking chair needed some TLC. Ahhhh, now it’s just as pretty as great grandma was….

A customer inherited her great grandmother’s chair and wanted it restored to its original condition. The chair had red aniline dye in the wood, so we told the customer we would work with the red and bring out the rich red tones. We stripped the old finish off, sanded it and stained it with a custom mixed glaze. This evened out the splotchiness in the wood. We then applied several coats of a hand rubbed tung oil to seal it.



This Library Table was a perfect candidate for a refinished top and restored base. Time to get to work….

The top of this desk was badly scarred, so we stripped off the old finish, sanded it, stained it and applied several coats of hand rubbed oil finish. The base had dog bites, scratches and missing pieces, but otherwise the finish was in decent condition. We patched the areas where wood was missing and repaired the dog bites. We then worked with the existing finish by washing it with mineral spirit and sanding it to remove the years of grime. We then glazed it with a custom mixed glaze to add luster and color to the finish, and to cover any blemishes in the old finish. We then followed up with a hand rubbed oil finish to seal it. The cost of restoring the base is about 1/2 the price of refinishing it.


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What do you do with “spare” pieces of a bowling alley intended for the “gutter”? “Strike” up a design and turn it into a cutting board kitchen island!

Years ago we acquired pieces of a bowling alley that was being demolished at Hamilton College. Gerry took the pieces home and built a white oak frame, turning the bowling alley into a cutting board. But it was heavy and not very mobile; we had to lug it out of our pantry every time we used it. So a couple of days ago we decided to build a movable kitchen island with the cutting board on top. Gerry built the base and Sandi added the finish to age and distress the base. We used a salad bowl finish on the cutting board. We like it so much that we decided it needed a permanent place in our kitchen. Bon appetit!

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