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Kids Say the Nicest Things!

What I love most about my job is seeing the smiles on the faces of customers when they see their furniture after it has been refinished or repaired. When I hear “Wow…Thank You…Better than before” I want to take their smile and plaster it on my face. I love what I do – love being creative, love salvaging furniture, love making people happy. It makes all those hours in the workshop worthwhile.

One of the best accolades came from a 9-year old boy named Thomas. His mom brought us a desk and chair that she wanted refinished to match the bedroom set in her son’s room. The finish was badly scarred, the colors didn’t match and the chairĀ needed new upholstery. The wood was not the same on all of the pieces, but we told her we could refinish them so the colors would ‘blend’ with the other furniture in the room. When the mom and dad picked up the furniture after it was refinished, they brought Thomas with them. “Thomas, do you like your new desk and chair?” the mom asked. With wide eyes and a big grin, Thomas exclaimed “Do I like it? I LOVE IT!!!”

Don’t kids say the nicest things?


Thomas’ desk and chair before they were refinished

Thomas’ desk and chair after they were refinished


2 Responses

  1. Connie

    That came out really nice. It’s amazing how the pieces now match. You made it into a piece of furniture he can keep into adulthood.

  2. Millie

    That is exactly what I was thinking, ‘you made it into a piece of furniture he can keep into adulthood’. It is amazing what a new facelift will do. Good work and I can just picture that smile.

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